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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 6, 2017 2:10am-2:41am EDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute". a customer smoking at the gas pump has an attendant fired up. >> what did i tell you, man? >> see the take charge move to extinguish an idiot. >> yeah! nervous laughter from two base jumpers on one scary mission. >> this thing is a monster. >> why they consider this their scariest attempt ever.
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>> listen to it. >> a little girl loving her new toy. >> this is called a cloud pet. >> how it's bringing sophia the sound of daddy's voice. >> i love you. >> hi, daddy. >> awe. >> and -- strange happenings at an old high school. >> just seconds later, a locker swings open. >> what's behind the spooky scene caught on camera? >> oh, that's the kid they stuffed in there and forgot about. >> that was me. >> fall into a gas station in bulgaria, you might want to listen to the attendant. these two cars at the gas station, see the one guy on the right gets out, and he's standing there. >> smoking. >> what kind of a moron are you? >> he's the type of moron who doesn't take heed when the attendant asks him to put it
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out. not that he should have to tell you in the first place, but common sense is not so common. gas attendant comes out, what did i tell you, gets the fire extinguisher. >> right in his face, put the cigarette out. yeah! >> oh, wow, he actually did. >> yeah, just like you, nick, he lets loose and all you see is a big plume of poof. >> all right, i'm following protocol. >> that is justice right there. >> but also the person pumping right there, we know how gas works, he could have sent everybody up in flames. >> now at this point they are going back and forth, mad they extinguished their fire and he's like, well, what did i tell you? next time you pull it here, done do that. >> if i was the boss, you get a bonus today, bro. >> for sure. >> let's move over to china, where there's another fire extinguisher. >> it's to do with a wedding. >> that's exactly what's happening here.
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more than one fire extinguisher. >> four, four. >> people can't breathe. these things are designed to suffocate a fire. kind of works the same for human beings. >> he was okay with it. they tied him up to this tree and let loose. rumor is, if you don't do it, it could be bad luck. >> you know what's bad luck? suffocating to death before your wedding. >> you'll be happy to know he hived to see another day. >> many of us remember our favorite plush toy, whether it be a teddy bear, stuffed dog, this is sophia and she's got her favorite plush toy, but technology has taken the cute and cuddly and made it so much better. listen. >> hey, baby girl, i love you. >> hi, daddy. >> what's better than that? this is call add cloud pet. they sold for about $30 and they can send and receive messages.
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>> hey, baby girl, i love you. >> when linked to a cell phone. so daddy, who's stationed overseas in the military, was able to send a message directly to his daughter through her favorite toy. >> all she has to do is push whatever button and she'll get the messages from dad? >> exactly. and she can send one back by pressing the button on the paw. >> hi, daddy. >> that's great. >> isn't that cool? simple technology working off the technology on our cell phones. >> how cool is that? this little girl gets to hear her daddy's voice out of her stuffed puppy. >> and can send him personalized messages. that's the best part. so dad has something to look forward to wherever he is. >> give you kisses. you're an experienced base
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ju jumper, you're always looking for an exit point. that's what these guys have done. it's a bit of a scary one. slowly making his way out one step at a time. >> guys that climb tall towers and cranes, i wish they'd wear this kind of gear in case something goes wrong. >> they look less scared than these guys wearing parachutes. follows him across, if you think it looks scary, that's because it is scary. >> pretty entertaining to hear from people who spend their time jumping off things. they are still super nervous about this. >> and somehow they are able to overcome that and do it. >> the thrill of what they are about to do is greater than their fear. >> well, the first guy turns himself around, gets right on the edge, jumps off. shortly after that, the guy that we're with, he looks down and we get an idea what they are jumping off. it's a 520-foot antenna in europe. this is a monster.
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looks crazy from this angle, but doesn't last long. he jumps, too. pulls the chute, no problem, it deploys and floats all the way down to give his buddy a big high five. >> something programmed in their brains i was not born with. >> i think it'ses cool. i wish i could do it. >> they have the fear matrix we do. >> that's not snow, my friends. do you think you can guess what that is? >> foam party that got out of control? >> no, that's a man doing laundry. >> foam party that got out of control. >> foam party getting out of control sounds like fun, but this was no fun for the residents in this city in india. residents are saying that this stuff stinks and causes rashes if you touch it. just started coming out of the manhole. >> i do not even want to know what that is. >> bubbling up, who knows what else it's bringing with it.
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>> there were no nearby industrial operations that had an issue, but they said there are some in the distance that share the sewer system, so they are going to be investigating if they released something. >> looks like he stretches from street to street. it's covered the entire block. >> it's covered quite an area. they are currently sanitizing the streets with bleach and lime to make sure they clean all of it out. now, this video, aside from being a perfect example of why you want to shoot horizontally, is a really cool example of a funnel cloud. >> anything to be scared of? >> no, nothing to be scared of. this is in japan, and when people looked up, they spotted this. interesting part of this video is you can see it begin to dissipate from the bottom to the top. weather people say basically when rotating winds swirl around and fall in love with some water droplets, they form a funnel cloud like this and it's not a tornado unless it touches the ground. this didn't touch the ground.
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>> so no damage? >> no damage, just a cool weather phenomenon for people to check out. it's road rage at its finest. >> that was the old dude taking a swing! >> can i help you? >> hear the story behind his bizarre behavior. and what can you do with apples besides eat them? >> daniel here, he's got trick shots going. >> watch his impressive mouth skills. >> that's not for sure that was going to mean a trip to the dentist. next level brows? precisely shaped. totally natural. brow precise micro pencil from maybelline new york, america's #1 brow brand. just fill and blend... for precise, natural brows. maybelline's brow precise micro pencil. make it happen. ♪maybelline new york if one rainbow is magic.
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turn it off, ifwith icy hot® smart closed captioning provided by -- turn off pain. smart relief. want to see a video again and again? head to, see tons of videos, and share with your friends. things are happening all over the world. this car with a small trailer pulls in front.
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he comes to a stop, the door pops open, and you know where this is going, right? we're going to have some words. video has been set up. looks like no aggression. i was wrong. guy behind the wheel tries to run the clown down. thankfully, doesn't look like injuries and barely misses, clipping the guy's door. >> bumped it a little bit. >> this is the same exact car, minus the trailer. >> oh! >> this time there was a certain collision and at the end you can see the damage done to the car. both drivers received fines, but they shook hands after this and realized aggression and lack of thought got the best of them. to asheville, north carolina, where this incident was caught on dash cam. >> that was an old dude taking a swing. >> can i help you? >> rang that bicyclist's bell.
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the biker puts his bike down, grabs his cell phone, and looks like he gets to the license plate right before it drives away. >> props to the woman who got out. looked like she was ready to get down with him, as well. >> story goes right prior to this incident, the cyclist was cruising downhill and a guy in the pickup truck was stuck behind him, wasn't able to pass right away. came up to this hill, guy in the truck managed to get by, was upset. >> were they able to track him down? >> they were able to track the driver down. >> police say he was charged with simple assault and reckless driving to endanger. despite what you might think, lauren here is excited. she's just really nervous waiting there at that table in the dining room of her family in italy. at the door are now her parents, who have no idea that she's going to surprise them.
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>> where is she coming from? >> she spent a week in bali. mom and dad have been traveling around europe on their own enjoying their time away from the kids. and you see them there saying hello, so they get their hellos out of the way at the front door, first to walk into the dining room is dad. >> was that english? >> it was english. here comes mom. we tried to get away from you. >> oh, my god! >> wow, kind of fun. everyone has been off galavanting around the world. >> look at mom, collapses in tears. >> now the entire family is going to be able to enjoy their time in italy before they have to go back home to australia. well, it's apple season, and while the rest of you are making apple pies and doing whatever you do with apples, daniel here, he's got trick shots going.
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>> hands are full, hands are full. >> hey, daniel. >> come on! >> daniel. >> in the dark. what? >> that's what impressed me. as if the rest wasn't impressive enough, he wasn't paying attention. he still caught the apple with his mouth. >> i like he went to the apple first before checking for traffic. he's committed to his apple. >> three-point about to go up. >> what? >> daniel. >> nailed it. >> how? >> he doesn't miss. >> are we sure they are apples and not just big marshmallows? >> you're going to break your teeth. now i sound like his mother. >> i thought that exact thing. his mom did respond to one of his antics saying we paid a lot
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you see there's that big square right there, now they are starting to build the shapes. please, just count the squares. lays out the matches. okay. last one's gone down. again, just keep looking at it. see how many squares you can count. if you're looking for a hint as to what a square looks like, that's what a square looks like. they are on the side. there are no wrong answers, just so you know. time's up. how many squares did you see? >> 15. >> i saw 15, as well. >> 14, then i saw 15, then i went back and saw 14. >> i stopped at 14. >> i only spotted 12. >> depending on how many you saw, there were 16 squares. >> darn. >> i'll show you. there's the obvious nine. then there's those ones, as well, yes. that's the one i missed there. >> wait, wait, wait, the big one. >> the three-sided one, i didn't spot that one. >> i missed 15. >> of course, 16 being the last big square. in that case, nothing gets past
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you, your intention to detail is incredible, but nick, 12, laid back, you feel relaxed in tense situations, you enjoy the process rather than result, might not get everything done, but happy just being yourself. if, however, you were at home and counted nine or less, you are a rebel. you hate following rules, fight for what's right. if you're asked to find a square, you'd rather find a circle. >> no, you just can't count. >> especially interested for the people at home doing this along with us. go to facebook, tell us how many you saw and tell us how accurate you thought this test was. you squares. >> some incredible drifting action captured not by a camera car, not by a chase vehicle or anything like that, but by a
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tiny little drone. i'm not sure if this technique has made its way into any action movies yet, but i got to believe it's going to happen soon if it hasn't. the shots that this small drone is able to get and the video quality coming out of it looks pretty darn good and it's the type of shot, i don't know, you're a movie buff, have you seen that kind of chase and follow from that angle? >> not without the camera car. >> i think this is sort of what i like about it, the way a drone flies is kind of like drifting, as well. holds a good angle around the corner. >> you must have a control gene or something. this is making me dizzy. there's a reason we're not seeing drone video in movies yet. >> but it is super cool. sure we'll be seeing it soon, especially to your point the drone drifts like the car, so gives you the whole effect. >> neat video put together by skin lab.
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his wife has had enough. >> he's punched his wife, he's pushed her out of the bed. she's about had it with him. >> find out what's going on we just moved in about four months ago,
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but the living room's pretty blank. we did a lot of research online. we just need to have a designer put it all together. mmm hmm. so, it's really nice when clients come in and have... done some of their own research. what do you think about these chairs and that table? working with a bassett designer was really easy. us being young professionals, we're so busy... there's no way we could've designed it ourselves. no. we love it!
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>> nice healthy breakfast. >> she said you don't need the syrup, but you can add it if you want to. shown you many ghost videos. but this is by far the most compelling. >> very scary.
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>> this one's really going to scare you, you guys. >> she says that every time. >> i'm with you, show me the ghosts. >> says that every time. >> this, my naysayer friends, is security camera at a very old high school in ireland. did you see that? unexplained. there's nobody here, because right about here, the locker just starts shaking back and forth. is it going to fall over? >> that's the kid they stuffed in there and forgot about. >> that was me. >> just seconds later, a locker swings open. papers and notebooks fly out from inside it. >> always does that. >> ghost or no ghost. >> keep an eye on that wet floor sign. >> i'm going to give credit where credit's due for this video, but this is where i'm suspicious, not because of its ghostiness. look at the top, you can see a security camera mounted right at the top of the


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